North vs South – Differences between Antarctica and the Arctic.

Polar Learning Channel: Expert-hosted webinars, videos and blogs.

World Wildlife Fund: Arctic

Travel to the Polar Regions with the World Wildlife Fund: Already explored the polar regions by ship? Now explore them on land by polar rover, helicopters and dog sledding.

How You Can Help Conserve Antarctica During Your Visit

The Emerging Arctic

Navigating the North Pole – If compasses point to the Magnetic North Pole, how do you navigate to the real one?

Explorers Web – Polar news website. Most content is free.

10 Tips for a North Pole Expedition – Advice from polar pro Charlie Paton of Extreme Outdoor Adventures.

10 Tips for Your First Polar Expedition – Advice from Helen Turton of Newland.

The Language of Polar Expeditions – Last degree vs full distance, unsupport vs unassisted and other terminology explained.

Adventure Network International (ANI) – The main company for anything down in Antarctica. Twinned with Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE).

Newland – North and South Pole expeditions, training trips in Scandinavia and Greenland

The Polar People – Polar trips that include sailing, photography and art.

Polar Bloggers

Alex Hibbert – Longest unsupported polar journey.

Ben Saunders – Youngest person to make a solo trip to the North Pole.

Antony Jinman – Been to North Pole. Runs Education Through Expeditions.

Felicity Aston – Only solo female to traverse Antarctica.

Børge Ousland – Traveled across Antarctica alone, North Pole in winter

Dixie Dansercoer – Author and polar traveler who wrote the Polar Exploration Handbook.